Technically Working gives people the personal skills needed to thrive in today’s high-tech workplace.  

Technically Working does this by teaching participants to be: 



Resilient, and



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Most companies focus on technology and the productivity gains it brings, causing them to overlook the prices we pay.

The TECHNICALLY  WORKING course gives people the skills they need to overcome those prices and to thrive in the modern technology era.


be Collaborative – See Through Other People’s Eyes

Technology is creating increasing complexity and time pressure while email and instant messaging push us further away from in-person, meaningful connections. At a time when we need to help each other more than ever, we’re too busy and too isolated to truly collaborate.


be Unbiased– Relentlessly Seek Clarity

Combine easy access to information with our inherent desire to know and feel right, and you get an amplification of unconscious bias. The blind spots that come from this create hidden productivity losses for organizations.


be Resilient– Be Trigger-Proof

Resiliency is about determination and grit in the face of frustration and obstacles. Our modern high-tech world has been causing a steady increase in the stress and anxiety of normal daily life for decades.


be Engaged– Bring All of You to Everything

Meaning, purpose, and fulfillment create engagement. As the nature of the workplace changes, we need to learn to generate each of these in different ways.




30 Minutes of Pre-Learning: Short, fun, interactive e-learning sessions to reduce lecture time and prepare for the in-person session.

3-Hour Live Experience: Experiential and participatory group learning to practice and build skills. Virtual or co-located.




$60 Per Participant

$2,400 for facilitation (Plus travel if applicable.)

Internal facilitators are certified complementary with a commitment of 50 learners.