Technology is progressing faster than our ability to use it.


The Technically Working course gives people the skills they need to thrive in today’s high-tech workplace.


We need to upgrade ourselves, not just our technology.



The Technically Working “C.U.R.E.” objectives:


be Collaborative – See Through Other People’s Eyes

See through other people’s eyes and make meaningful connections that build stronger teams.


be Unbiased– Relentlessly Seek Clarity

Relentlessly seek clarity and learn to identify blind spots caused by
unconscious bias that ultimately leads to hidden productivity losses.


be Resilient– Be Trigger-Proof

Be trigger proof and decrease the stress and anxiety of daily life by
mastering determination and grit in the face of frustration.


be Engaged– Bring All of You to Everything

Bring all of you to everything and discover ways to enhance meaning,
purpose, and fulfillment in the workplace.



Maximize your time and streamline the learning process with 30 minutes of pre-learning.

Reduce lecture time by jumpstarting the experience with short, fun, and interactive e-learning sessions that provide the solid foundation needed for a successful live-learning experience.


Reach utmost potential and amplify the experience with engaging and participatory group learning.

Virtual or In-Person, we’ll practice, engage, and collaborate with a 2-3 Hour Live Experience that covers everything needed to enhance personal skills and begin the journey towards a thriving workplace.


Complimentary certification for internal facilitators with a commitment of 50 or more learners.


$1,750 Virtual / $2,400 In-Person (Plus travel if applicable.)

Plus $60 per participant above 30.



With quick and easy access to resources when they’re needed most, the Technically Working App provides continual learning and guidance for real-world application long after the completion of the course.

Try it for Free! Download Technically Working on iPhone or Droid.