Primary Roles: Debugging, Orienteering

Consciously thinking our way through decisions consumes significantly more energy than using the Robot, so we are limited by how often we can be truly logic-driven.

Since Emotion is the source of motivation, we often use Logic to satisfy what we want to our own detriment.

This represents our ability to override the Robot’s interpretation of reality to perceive the world more accurately. When we do this, we are controlling the image on the Screen that our emotions are based on.

We are using critical thinking and analysis to process the information from our senses, rather than being limited by prior experiences. The Robot will inherently try to know what is happening and be right about existing beliefs. We have to consciously override these impulses to see the world as it truly is.

This is debugging, or correcting, errors in how the Robot is translating our senses and interpreting present reality.

This function is covered in the be Unbiased objective.

The Robot is excellent at maintaining our lives. When we’d like to create something new or make changes, Logic has to step in. The Robot doesn’t help us to create new and even actively prevents us from doing so.

Orienteering is about staying in touch with present reality, clarifying where we are going and why, then plotting and tracking the course required to get there.

This process is more fully explored in the be Engaged objective.